Great Ocean Road or some Australian curiosities

Great Ocean Road or some Australian curiosities

Yes, the Great Ocean Road is great! Wonderful landscapes, beautiful nature, but the pictures below can speak for themselves. First, I will share some Australian curiosities.

In Australia you drive on the left!?!? Why would you do that???


I think Australians love to be surrounded by other people. But this is probably not something new or unexpected. The curiosity comes when they create more than 100 bollard sculptures along 4 km of coast in Geelong.


Apparently the number of kangaroos is double the number of people!!! They hide all day long and are very active during the night. We almost killed or got killed by 4 of them in only 2 hours driving during the night as they were crossing the roads jumping. I guess Australians should design some special zebras for them.

Everybody says that koalas can only be seen in trees, while sleeping.


Either people do not know what they are talking about, either we have met a crazy, special koala. He (or she) was staying in the middle of the road, at about 11 pm. We stopped the car, he was still there, took pictures, still there, touched him, still there, got back to the car, jumped into the water…yes, apparently the koalas can swim! And they are the fluffiest animals on the planet!

DSC_0928 DSC_0942 DSC_0940

There are millions of rabbits in here, but foxes prefer to eat other animals (slower).

And speaking of eating, the best food we’ve had so far was in an Italian restaurant called Grill House (?), owned by a Romanian who grew up in Syria, married to a Moldavian, with Italian and English chefs, Tunisian and Dutch waitress, Spanish greeter…what a mix! And we were taken there by a Romanian priest who lives in Melbourne!?

By the way, the kangaroo barbecue is great!

Jokes apart, the landscapes are wonderful!



Kuranda village

Magical Paronella Park

Mount spec road & Paluma

Fraser Island