Gili T or my favorite place so far

It’s been almost a week since we left the island and I find it still difficult to describe Gili Trawangan using words or photos. Though, it’s been my favorite place so far; but it was all about feeling, not just beautiful landscapes, cultural heritage or adventurous activities. It is a very small (just 2-3 square […]

The spirit of Bali

Close your eyes! Are they closed?… Of course not, if not, you would not be reading these lines right now! Imagine a place where time has no importance. Imagine a place where humid heat meets all the colors of the rainbow, where lush vegetation makes room for paradise like resorts, where every “Hello” is accompanied by […]

Ubud – the heart of Bali

In Ubud, the art capital of Bali situated in the middle of the island we chose to stay in a traditional Balinese family compound (where several generations of the same family live together in different heavily decorated houses grouped around a family temple). We enjoyed feeding and playing with the monkeys in Ubud’s Monkey Forest, […]

Simple life questions we never think about

I’ve seen snow on TV, but can you tell me how it really looks like? What does it feel like when you touch it? What does it taste? Can you bring some snow to Bali? What do you eat during winter if you cannot do any farming? Simple, basic life questions that Kan reminded us […]

Bali Temples

Curious or not, within the biggest Muslim country in the world (Indonesia), most of the Balinese people are Hindi. They believe in one God that has several faces out of which Ganesh (the elephant) is the most popular. Big temples or God statues are present all around the island. In addition, each family has its […]

Kuta & Nyepi day

Lucky bastards! Again! We were in Melbourne for Australia day, in Waitangi (the place where the Brithish colonists singed a collaboration treaty with the indigenous population) for NZ day and here we were in Kuta for Bali’s most important ceremony of the year – Nyepi Day – the new Balinese year or Silence Day celebrated […]