Another weekend on the road with The Cats

Our American adventure culminated with a new road-trip with The Cats, a weekend full of friendship, love, casinos, country music and stunning sceneries between California and Nevada! We reached Reno late at night and checked-in at a casino-hotel. We did not play, but just walked around. I actually found it sad: mostly older people, alone, […]

Back to the good life in Napa & Sonoma’s vineries

How could we be in California without visiting its wineries and tasting its wines? We couldn’t! If you know The Bear and The Zeb, with their “Frenchie” background, you know they loooove good wines! So a road trip to Napa & Sonoma Valleys was absolutely mandatory! The weather was great and the landscapes comparable with […]

Sunny San Francisco, easily making the top of coolest cities

Clear blue skies and sun every day in the city, with foggy afternoons in the surrounding areas! Not too cold, not too hot, just requiring a hoodie at hand for the windy bays. Cats, you’ve made a wonderful decision to move in this corner of the world! So far, I would put SF on the […]

Sunny California, highway 101, happy friends

How long have I been waiting for such a trip! Yes, we’ve been on 2 continents already, almost 10 countries, most of the time on the road. However 99% of the time it was just the 2 of us – The Bear and The Zeb…which is amazing…but sometimes you just miss sharing moments and experiences […]