About us

Dreamschasing is the adventure of a Bear and a Zeb trying to discover the world and grow together!
It is not a travel blog, but more likely a selfish diary where we want to capture ideas, curiosities, emotions, dreams!
For those who do not know us:
The Bear is Marius, a free lancer who lives in Paris and loves experimenting anything – from doing crazy things like bungee jumping, skydiving, planes driving (in fact, he drives anything – cars, planes, boats, helicopters…) to eating disgusting food like durian. He dreams about the future of humanity and would love to find solutions for immortality.
The Zeb is me, Oana, a consultant without permanent residence. I am based in Bucharest but I travel each week to different parts of Europe. I love any kind of flying – from classic planes to skydiving. I dream about a world where all children are happy and smile! I dream of a better world and I do believe we can achieve it through education.

We are now following the sun around the world in a one-year journey during which not only do we want to discover places and people, but to chase dreams. Because “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Join us on a magical trip that will take us to many places and share the joy.



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