Sao Paulo, the last destination of our trip

Being the largest city in Brazil (11 million people within the city and over 30 million in its metropolitan area), Sao Paolo has all the positive and negative traits of a big metropole. On one hand it is full of museums, theatres, nice restaurants and bars, cool business area, big parks, all kinds of markets […]

Paraty, a fairy-tale town

First settled by the Portuguese in the 17th century, Paraty is a historic coastal town in the South of Rio de Janeiro. We liked it from the very first moment we arrived: old churches, cobbled streets, well maintained colonial architecture, small colorful boutiques at every corner…a pleasure to wander the streets just taking photos and […]

Last diving in Ihla Grande

After moving from one place to another, mostly big cities with millions of people and lots of concrete buildings, we needed a place to relax, to hear and feel the nature. So we headed to Ilha Grande, south of Rio de Janeiro. Despite the cloudy weather with few short showers as well, we enjoyed it […]

Rio de Janeiro – feel it, live it, love it!

Despite all the warnings we’ve got from different people (including Brazilians), internet, TV programs that Rio is full of thefts, violence, attacks and so on, nothing at all has happened to us and we didn’t felt in any danger during our 5 day stay. Instead, we found a city full of contrasts, color, passion, music, […]

Unspoiled beaches of Florianopolis

In the southern Brazil at the Atlantic Ocean, the capital of Santa Catarina state lays itself on a beautiful island with more than 40 unspoiled beaches. The city center itself is not very impressive and even though many buildings have nice architecture and are beautifully colored, only few are well maintained. However, Florianopolis is all […]

Tasty and colorful Foz do Iguazu

“Normal” people usually go and visit Iguassu Falls when in Foz do Iguacu, the small city at the Brazilian border with Argentina. But as we are not “normal” and as we had already been overwhelmed by the greatness of the falls on the Argentinian side, we decided to start emerging in the Brazilian culture instead. […]