Different angles, same wonder of the world

Tones of water throwing themselves over the cliffs making strong noise stating their majesty, mist rising amongst the infinite untouched jungle, beauty, natural strength…no wonder Eleanor Roosevelt has exclaimed “Poor Niagara!” on her first sight of Iguazu Falls, taller and twice as wide as the American waterfall. Considered one of the 7 natural wonders of […]

Buenos Aires, almost a perfect city

I’ve been thinking about this blog post for a while, trying to find the best description for this wonderful city, though I still find it very difficult. There are so many things to say! I will start with its architecture that made me constantly stare all around. In the center, Parisian Haussmannian/ Spanish buildings and […]

Feeling young in Cordoba

Known as “La Docta” because of its many universities, Cordoba surprised us with the huge number of young people all over the city, making it one of the liveliest place we’ve been to in South America. Wondering the streets, we felt as being blended in the young and restless ambiance surrounding us. Even the guides […]

When in Mendoza, happiness tastes like an old wine

Simple, but happy life tastes like good wine, combined with tasty parilla (Argentinian barbeque), next to thousands of green trees surrounded by imposing mountains, on a sunny but not extremely hot day! This is what we felt when we reached Mendoza after almost 50 hours of travelling by bus from the cold and windy Punta […]

Fitz Roy & Cerro Torre – the most beautiful mountains in the world

It’s not always easy to make a top of the most beautiful things we’ve seen. If we compare the physical characteristics (altitude, size, depth …) the order comes naturally: the highest mountain/volcano/waterfall, the longest river, the largest cave/lake… But what happens when we have to choose the one we liked the most? Well, we usually […]

Perito Moreno – walking on a river of ice

Blue…deep, intense, unbelievable blue! Do you know what flows continuously, changes its shape constantly, expands as far as you can see and has that mesmerizing color? If your answer was the sea/ocean, you’re correct, but it’s not what I had in mind when I asked that question. That’s the amazing color of one of the […]

Crossing Argentina to Peninsula Valdes

Argentina is HUGE! We have spent a lot of time on the road slowly moving towards South and East on a bus… Just to cross the country from one side to the other one needs a day. But that gives you an amazing perspective on Patagonia and its size, its monotonous and dry landscape… Even […]

Our homey vacation in fairytale Bariloche

Travelling is tiring…exhausting sometimes! I know most of you consider it as a holiday, but it is not at all the same. Travelling is like a full time job: each day you have to plan for the next one (what to do where, means of transportation, accommodation, groceries, cooking…, pack/ unpack, meet new people/ forget […]