The real face of Laos

Renting a scooter from Miss Noy…this is the way to visit the Bolaven Plateau surrounding Laos’s third biggest city, Pakse! Everyone here know Miss Noy and her husband Yves, a Belgian in his 30s who felt in love with a Lao girl (Miss Noy) several years ago and moved to Lao to be a professional […]

“Sabaidee Pi Mai” or Happy Lao New Year!

Have you ever experienced a 4 days New Year party? That is the Lao New Year or Pi Mai, the liveliest holiday, when “wet, wet, wet” is everyone’s answer to “how are you?” Officially the last day of the year, 13th April is traditionally a day of renewal, the main symbol of which is water. […]

Other questions in Vientianne

How can you visit a city and its surroundings when the temperature is higher than 40 degrees Celsius? That was our question when we arrived at our hotel, after walking for almost 2 km from the bus station, carrying all our luggage. We were completely wet, full of dust, thirsty and nervous! But after a […]

Around Luang Prabang – being childish and having life questions at the same time

Elephant riding? Elephant feeding? Someone said elephants? When I heard there was an Elephant camp in the area I was like a small child asking her parents (her Bear in this case) to go there. So there we went at the Elephant Village where 14 elephants are kept away from abusive work and cared by […]

A stop in time…or in Luang Prabang

The time has almost stopped almost a century ago during the French colonial occupation…or did we lose it somewhere? Quiet, calm, heat, slow moves and smiley faces that do not speak loud, cleanliness…this is how we found Luang Prabang and it was a big contrast with neighboring Vietnam. It is the former capital of Laos […]

Vietnam to Laos by bus – the ultimate experience

Journey in Vietnam finished! So how could we get to Laos if not by bus? The ultimate experience… We started in Sapa at 7 pm when we boarded on a sleeper bus. It was not without screaming and fighting that we left this country (apparently you cannot really survive here otherwise). When we arrived, I […]