Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

There is one thing that scared me in Cairns. We arrived during the evening and went out to search for a restaurant. On our way to the esplanade we saw hundreds or thousands of bats flying all over while small helpless parrots were hiding in trees and making horrible noise. We still haven’t found out […]

Kuranda village

Yes, it was raining badly when we got on the Skyrail gondolas for Kuranda village! It’s a 75 minute ride over the tropical rain forest, giving you a chance to have a different perspective on this wonder of the nature. The 2 intermediate stops for walks in the rain forest were fast and refreshing under […]

Magical Paronella Park

Created in the 1930s by a Spanish emigrant, Jose Paronella, the park has one of the most inspiring stories in Australia: a man who follows his childhood dream of building a castle. As a young fellow, Jose moves from Catalonia to Australia and starts working in sugar farms. After saving some money he starts building […]

Mount spec road & Paluma

Heading up north we made a short detour recommended by the travel guides in the area – the Mount spec Road, 60 km North of Townsville. It is a very beautiful scenic road that was built by hand during the Great depression in 1930. Winding through Paluma Range National Park, it features beautiful stonework, especially […]

Airlie Beach & Whitsundays

We reached Airlie Beach on an extremely hot afternoon so the only thing we were capable of doing was chilling out on a “Vama Veche” style terrace, with live music and big beer jugs. Despite its name, Airlie Beach has no accessible beach, but just an artificial lagoon where you can swim and sunbathe or […]

Fraser Island

The biggest sand island in the world, this World Heritage Area and the traditional homeland of Batchulla people, is a small piece of heaven. As the sand goes as deep as 500m, it is said that it contains more sand than the Sahara desert! And that’s why one can enjoy it only by using a […]

Inside the home of the crocodile hunter

The home of Steve Erwin, Australia Zoo, is said to be the biggest zoo on the continent. The number of international species is not as impressive as in other European zoos (e.g. Valencia), but koalas and lizards are everywhere!!! We arrived there on a hot afternoon, just in time for the koala information session where […]

Crazy fun day at Dreamworld

“Happiness is Australia’s biggest theme park”! This is Dreamworld’s logo and they are right! I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing like a child the whole day. Adventure, water fun, small zoo, ancient race cars expo, Dreamworld is all in one place. We arrived there in the very morning, so we were the first adventurers to […]

Gold Coast

Wow! Lots of kilometers of gold, soft sand beach! Truly amazing! Our first day here was quite “un-probable” as I like to say. We arrived in the morning and knocked at the door of our host (a friend of a friend of the Bear) – let’s call him Sam. We knocked and knocked and called […]

Coolest city? Found it!!!

For those who are still wondering which is the coolest city in the world, we found it!!! Amazing vibe and energy on the streets, people playing the guitar, the violin or just singing; smile and happiness! Beaches, harbor, rocks, hills, skyscrapers & small buildings, parks, barbecue, luxury malls, Asian fast foods, cozy restaurants, rooftops, opera, […]