Kuala Lumpur, nothing much to discover

After so many beautiful places and people in Malaysia, we were expecting probably too much from its capital. Unfortunately, it fails to fulfill the high standards of the other places in the country. Except for Petronas and KL towers and the Sunway Lagoon amusement park (which is actually located in the outskirts of the city), […]

Malacca, an explosion of colors

A vibrant old city, with a unique historical and cultural background, ancient capital of the Malay kingdom before the colonial era, Malacca was our favorite place in Malaysia. With its center listed as UNESCO World Heritage, the city is an explosion of colors with mixed architectures, cultures, religions. Having been strategically located on the Malacca […]

Cameron Highlands

Fresh, breathable air, chilly temperature, the smell of fresh grass!!! We missed you, dear mountains! After many islands, seaside, beaches…that was our thought when we first reached Tanah Rata, the main town in the Cameron highlands area. And after the check-in in our hotel, we immediately went for a walk in the forest. It took […]

Beautiful Georgetown

After Langkawi, Malaysia continues to delight us with beautiful places, full of history, culture and nice smiling people. Georgetown is the capital of one of the 14 states of Malaysia, Penang Island, being one of the most important settlements on the Malacca Strait. It is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site and it really deserves […]

Langkawi, center of kindness

The world still surprises me and offers reasons to smile and to believe the humanity is not lost in individualism and negative feelings. Langkawi gave me several real occasions to see that people still love and care about each other. In this post I will not say anything about the beauty of the island (even […]