Chasing penguins at the end of the world

Travelling, exploring new cultures and new places, discovering parts of this planet that you didn’t even know they existed before and constantly expanding the knowledge that you have of the world. These are just some of the reasons that pushed us further every day during this year. And it seems that these motives have pushed […]

Trekking the Legendary Torres del Paine

  A legend always needs some specific elements: one or several heroes, an environment who’s against them, a glorious battle and a final victory for the hero. So when we were put in front of a truly legendary trek for a truly legendary mountain, we ought to write our own legend… it goes like this: […]

Nice Rendez-Vous in Chiloe

We chose to visit Chiloe for its UNESCO churches and nicely colored houses. But what we found there was much more than this: unusual, hard to see fauna, nice flora, unique handcrafts, super friendly and smiling people and yes, of course, the churches and the happily colored buildings. We started in Ancud with the Fuerte […]

Chilling in the middle of the nature

Located in the Chilean Lake District, Pucon is a small town which offers beautiful landscapes and chill, laid-back atmosphere. It is mostly famous for the Villarrica volcano which looms majestically over the city at more than 2800 m, always covered with snow. It is one of the most active volcanoes in Chile, sometimes throwing out smoke. […]

Concha y Toro – the Chilean wine experience

Being in Chile and not visiting a famous winery is like being in France or Italy and … doing the same. We couldn’t miss it! So we did not have too much time to plan our visit ahead, but we just chose one of the few wineries not far from Santiago, open on the Sunday […]

Bohemian Valparaiso

Colors, many colors, all colors in the world and much more!!! This is what Valparaiso, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is all about; a city known for its bohemian culture, brightly colored houses and beautiful seaside views. Its chaotic, hilly streets are almost like an open air museum, full of incredibly beautiful street art. Apparently […]


Getting to Santiago was like getting back to civilization. It gave us the feeling of a normal big European city: both old houses and newly built skyscrapers, large streets, plazas, parks, nice restaurants, theatres, opera, many cars and bad traffic, subway…yes, subway (we haven’t seen a normal, classic one for quite some time). As we […]

Atacama Desert – experiencing again a different planet, closer to the sky and stars

After the trip to the Moon we thought nothing in the area would be even comparable to the Moon experience. But we were wrong! Atacama Desert, the driest and oldest desert on Earth, was again like a new planet discovery. We started early in the morning and made a first stop in the village of Toconao, […]

To the Moon and back

“I’d be flying to the moon and back, If you’d beeee, if you’d be my babyyyy….” Remember the Savage Garden’s song from the 90s? As we are each other’s baby, it was imperative to get to the Moon. We did not fly though, we went there on minivan. Bicycle could have also been an option, […]