Mandalay, the cultural melting pot

Late afternoon, before sunset. The sun’s reflection in the Irrawaddy River to the West, trees covering the two-lane highway giving us the impression that we’re in a green tunnel and, of course, Robbie Williams’s song resonating in our headphones: that’s how we entered Mandalay coming from the South. Mandalay is the third most important city […]

Monywa, our preferred place in Myanmar

Having still almost one week left for Myanmar after visiting Bagan, we decided to make a detour before going to Mandalay. We had a look on the internet and found Monywa being recommended as the perfect stop between Bagan and Mandalay. It was the best decision we could make as it soon became our favorite […]

Smiles of all ages

A country is not only a long list of monuments, places, cities, mountains, rivers and so on. It is especially made of PEOPLE. And if there would ever be a top of the countries where people have the warmest, most sincere smiles I’m sure that Myanmar would easily enter that list. We were so overwhelmed […]

The amazing collection of temples in Bagan

Even though Cambodia remains my favorite country in South-East Asia so far, with Angkor Wat as one of its most amazing sceneries, I did like more the “rival” Bagan in Myanmar. It is not included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is less known and less well-maintained, but I felt it closer to what […]

Inle, a lake like no other

Imagine sitting on a fisherman boat in the middle of a lake surrounded by mountains while eating fresh, tasty tomatoes picked directly from the lake. You think it is impossible? It isn’t! We did it on Inle, a 116 km2 lake in the center of Myanmar where locals grow vegetables in large gardens that float […]

Naypyidaw, a cold and too urbanized capital

Wow! Wow! And wow again! This was the most surprising city we’ve seen so far during our journey. It was not necessarily a good or a bad surprise, but just unexpected. Naypyidaw is the capital of Myanmar since November 2005, a city built in secret by Myanmar Junta in the early 2000s. It is very […]

The former Yangon capital

  Former capital of Myanmar, Yangon city is an amalgamation of British, Burmese, Chinese, Indian and Portuguese influences, with colonial architecture which although decaying is certainly a unique example of 19th century colonial capital. Contemplating Yangon from above gives the impression of a city of the past, disturbed by some newly-built skyscrapers scarily unoccupied as […]