Cuenca, the quiet place between the mountains

Considered a top retirement destination for people all over the world, Cuenca is the third largest city in Ecuador and a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site which lies in a valley at about 2500 m. It has the feeling of a small mountain town in Switzerland and the look of a Spanish city with its […]

Whales and boobies

Do you remember that some time ago I discovered my favorite fish? It was during one of the diving sessions in Thailand I guess and it is called porcupine. The time for a favorite bird has come!!! I discovered it on Isla de la Plata, during a one day trip with the initial objective to […]

Meeting the shamans in the Amazon jungle

Wandering through South America without making a trip to the Jungle is like visiting Paris without seeing the Tour Eiffel! We couldn’t miss it and the best option was Cuyabeno Wild Life Reserve in the North-Eastern part of Ecuador. The way there was long and tiring: 8 hours bus from Quito to Lago Agrio, another […]

Trip to Cotopaxi

Have you ever felt high? Have you ever felt like it was summer but with snow? Have you ever really been in the sky and felt the clouds on your skin? It is all possible in Cotopaxi National Park whose central feature is the second highest active volcano on Earth, at nearly 5900 m height. […]

Quito, the highest capital of the world

At more than 2850 m above sea level, Ecuador’s capital is situated on the slopes of Pichincha, an active volcano in the Andes Mountains. Though less colorful than Cartagena we enjoyed from the very first step this calm city with its excellently preserved historic center which, along with Krakow, were the first World Cultural Heritage […]